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Infant Care

Our infant classroom provides children with a nurturing environment in which each baby is encouraged to follow their individual schedule. Grown-ups are required to provide clothing, disposable diapers, formula (if different than that provided by center) and clean bottles WITH lids to keep at the center. (Washington State Law). Each child has their own cubby for items to be kept at school. Each infant will have a completed “Daily Infant Note” highlighting the significant events of your child’s day. We emphasize language development, including Spanish and sign language. Our staff: child ratio is 1:3.


Infant Typical Day​

8:00 Welcome/ Choice*

8:30 Breakfast/ Bottle Feeding

9:30 Diapering/ Naps/ Choice Individual Play*

11:00 Outdoor Walk

11:30 Lunch

12:30 Naps/ Group Play/ Art

1:30 Diapering/ Outdoor Play

2:30 Snack/ Bottle Feeding

3:30 Diapering/ Naps

5:00 Center Closes 

*Choice time includes: Books, Fine Motor Activities, Art, Blocks, Dramatic Play, Nature/ Science, Free-Play

We also follow the infants individual schedule if it differs from above

Forest School


Waddler/Toddler Care


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