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Waddler & Toddler Care

We strive to provide a balance of self-selected and teacher lead experiences with a strong play base. Children will be encouraged to explore their environment and engage with their peers to promote positive social/emotional development. We also emphasize language development, including Spanish and sign language. All waddlers and toddlers must have a change of clothes (or many), and disposable diapers (if they use them). Each child has their own cubby. Our classrooms have designated “centers” your child can visit throughout their day. We also have daily learning center activities lead by the teachers.  Classrooms themes, schedules and lesson plans are posted. 

Our staff: child ratio is 1:6.


Toddler/Waddler Typical Day


8:00 Welcome / Choice*

9:00 Family Style Breakfast

9:30 Diaper / Potty and Hand Washing

9:45 Theme Related Group Experience / Choice*

10:15 Group Circle Time-Books, Songs, Weather

10:45 Outside Activity / Choice*

11:15 Diaper / Potty and Hand Washing

11:30 Family Style Lunch, Tooth Brushing

12:00 Nap Time / Outside (If all are awake from nap)

2:00 Diaper / Potty and Hand Washing / Outside / Choice*

2:45 Family Style Snack

3:15 Theme Related Group Experience

4:00 Diaper / Potty and Hand Washing

4:15 Outside Activities / Choice*

5:00 Center closes


*Choice time includes: Books, Fine Motor Activities,Art, Blocks, Dramatic Play, Nature / Science, Math / Numbers, Music and Movement, Free Play

Space for Privacy, relaxation and comfort are available throughout the day.

Schedule may vary to extend favored activities and to accommodate for weather conditions. 


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