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Our preschool classroom offers a blended program, emphasizing the importance of time in nature.  Each week offers extended, outdoor experiences, either in the forest or at the beach. We follow the Creative Curriculum which provides developmentally appropriate experiences for children while supporting social-emotional development through play.  We also emphasize language development, including Spanish and sign language.  Classroom studies change according to student interest and schedules/lesson plans are posted.

Typical Preschool Day

             Preschool (approximately 3-5years) 

8:00   Welcome, Sign in, Choice Time* 

8:45   Morning Circle (welcome, plan for the day) 

     (Thursday: leave for The Forest)  

9:00   Breakfast – Choice Time* 

9:30   Outside Choice Time* 

10:00 Circle Time, Learning Centers, Choice Time*  

11:00 Outside Choice Time* (optional) 

11:30 Family Style Lunch 

12:00 Choice Time* / Outside 

12:30 Books & Rest 

     (Thursday: Preschool returns to Kaleidoscope) 

1:15   Small groups activity

2:00   Outside Choice Time* 

     Tuesday: head to North Beach 

3:00   Snack 

3:30   Music and Movement, 

4:00   Choice Time* 

(Tuesday: return from North Beach)  

5:00    Center Closes 

 *Choice time includes: Books, Fine Motor Activities, Art, Blocks, Dramatic Play, Nature/Science, Math/ Numbers, Music and Movement, Free Play 

Space for privacy, relaxation and comfort are available throughout the day.  

Schedule may be modified the extend favored activities and accommodate for weather (outside). 


Forest School


Waddler/Toddler Care

Infant Care

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