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Kaleidoscope Preschool and Child Care Center

The Mission of Kaleidoscope is to offer safe, affordable, consistent, high-quality Preschool and child care services while supporting the families of Orcas Island.


Meet Our Amazing Staff

We are proud to show off the amazing people that we have working with us every day here at Kaleidoscope

Miss Amber, Director

I have worked at Kaleidoscope since 1996, after graduating from Western Washington University and earning a Bachelor's Degree in Interdisciplinary Child Development. I continued my schooling while living on Orcas, earning my Masters Degree in Education. My family keeps me pretty busy with 3 grown daughters and 2 sons still at home. I stay involved in their lives through family trips, coaching and Horse 4-H. I love spending time outdoors, in my garden or working on our farm. My family takes every chance we get to appreciate this beautiful place we call home! I value the impact Kaleidoscope has on our community and appreciate that we are changing lives every day!

Miss Robyn, Assistant Director

My name is Robyn W. Gordon, I was born and raised in Utah where I was able to explore many amazing outside opportunities that gave me a lasting love of the outdoors. Iwas so excited when my Husband, youngest daughter and I moved to Orcas island in 2014 after visiting here for over 16 years. I am a mother of 3 and a grandmother also! I began my teaching experience as a substitute teacher for grades K-12 and many specialty classes. I received my Bachelor's of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Illustration and I love being able to teach the student's art here and at the public school. I have been working at Kaleidoscope since 2015. I started as a Floater, then moved to the Big Kid's Teacher and now I am excited to be the Assistant Director here at Kaleidoscope. Thank you to all of my coworkers, kiddos and parent's that make every day working here an absolute joy.

Miss Mimi, Infant Lead Teacher

Hello My name is Mimi Nikaido, I am the Infant Teacher. I was born and raised in Lima Peru, I come from a family of two sisters and two brothers and I have two adorable nephews. Before moving to Orcas Island 2008 I lived in Miami Florida for almost 19 Years. I love and enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I love to work with kids especially infants. Working with infants has been amazing, watching them learn and grow is something that I enjoy. I have been employed at Kaleidoscope since 2010, we are a great team with incredible passion for each individual child. I feel very lucky and proud to be part of such a great group of teachers.

Miss Yesenia, Waddler Lead Teacher

My name is Yesenia Armas and my family and I moved to Orcas Island towards the end of 2017 from Ontario California. I started working at Kaleidoscope the beginning of 2018. What I enjoy most about my job is the socialization i get to have with different children and their parents from different backgrounds. I enjoy seeing how the children grow both developmentally and physically throughout their time in Kaleidoscope. What I also enjoy about my job, is that I get to learn how to be a better person and a better parent to my children. By engaging with different children, I get to figure out how to handle certain scenarios in different way, other than just one way that I think would work for every single child. I get to initiate bonds with each child and get to know their personalities on a closer level. My job has taught me to be a better communicator, be more open minded, and have further patience for myself and others around me.

Miss Chelsie, Preschool Lead Teacher

I have worked at Kaleidoscope since 2017 as the Preschool Lead Teacher. I moved to Orcas Island August 2017, with my husband Israel and our 2 boys Silas and Malachi. We moved from Montana, where I worked since 2011 in early intervention and before that as an infant teacher and assistant director at a daycare and preschool center.  In 2010, I received my Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education and Art. Since moving to Orcas Island, I have made friends and have watched my children gain many wonderful friendships. Working at Kaleidoscope had been a joy because I get to build strong relationships with the children and watch them grow into such wonderful young people. My own children never want to leave here because they have so much fun. I am thankful to be able to make a difference in the young lives of the children and families on Orcas Island.

Miss Nessa, Forest School Lead Teacher

I was offered a job at Kaleidoscope in 2017 and immediately accepted when I found out I would get to attend Forest School twice a week, and now I am the Forest School Lead Teacher! Outdoor education is a passion of mine and I love sharing the outside world with children (and adults). To say excites me, is an understatement. I studied Biology and ecological restoration at The Evergreen State College, and I spent many of my classroom days working outdoors in the forests, prairies, and of deserts of the PNW and South West. I enjoy playing in the rain, digging in the dirt for worms (which have five hearts) and other bugs, as well as tending our school garden.

I was born and raised in the PNW and have a deep passion for the native flora and fauna. I first moved to Orcas in 2002 and upon completing my BA?BS degree in 2010 I moved back to Orcas full time. My daughter Autumn and Madrona have been Kaleidoscope kids since 2016 & 2017. The very best part of my job, is seeing their smiling faces throughout the day. In my free time, I find myself outside with my girls, exploring the complex ecosystem that makes our island so special.

Miss Rebecca, Toddler Lead Teacher

I come from a small town called Neah Bay, located at the furthest Northwest tip of Washington. My little family and I moved to Orcas in October of 2018 and I started working at Kaleidoscope the following November. I have a background working with children in a variety of different age groups. I have grown to love working with children and it has been my passion to always continue learning daily with an open mind as each day offers different opportunities. i am excited to the opportunity to work here at Kaleidoscope and gain more knowledge and education in Child Development.

Miss Kelly, Kaleidoscope Chef "Our Cooker Teacher"

My name is Kelly Doty, I started working as the cook at Kaleidoscope in early 2017, I grew up here on The Island. My parents owned Orcas Homegrown Market, the natural food store and deli. My grandparents owned the adjoining Doty's A-1 Cafe and Bakery, so I was raised in commercial kitchens. From my parents I learned the value of whole, organic, and local food; which I try to include in the meal plan as much as possible.

I have worked in many different styles of restaurants, I have done catering, and worked festival booths, but so far cooking for the Kaleidoscope kids and staff has been some of the most rewarding work I've had. Your kids are not anonymous tourists for whom I cook one meal on a rushed vacation, but curious individuals who ask me questions and who I get to introduce to new foods (sometimes it's a challenge to convince them that purple carrots are still carrots though).

Miss Cristal, Preschool Assistant Teacher

Llegue a Orcas Island en el ano 2005. Soy parte del equipo de Kaleidoscope desde el ano 2010, e tenido la oportunidad de tener mi CDA y poder aprender mas del desarrollo de los ninos. Tengo 5 maravillosos hijos y en los tiempos libres nos gusta tener passeos en familia y cocinarles sus postres favoritos.

Hello my name is Cristal Carrion Rojo, I was born in Cuernavaca Morelos Mexico. I moved to Orcas Island in 2005. I have beenpart of the Kaleidoscope team since 2010, and had the opportunity to have my CDA and learn more about the children's development. I have 5 wonderful children and in our free time we like to have some family time and cook their favorite deserts.

Miss Joanne, Toddler Assistant Teacher

Hello, my name is Joanne Velez and I am from Puerto Rico. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Technology. I came to Orcas Island in February 2020to work as an Environmental Educator at Camp Orkila. Then I heard Kaleidoscope was hiring teacher assistants so I decided to try it! Thanks to this position I realized that my true passion is to  educate and inspire the little kids!

I am a person that loves to achieve goals no matter how difficult they are, I always keep going until I reach them! Like my mom always says: "The Sky is the Limit".

Molly, Forest School Assistant Teacher

I'm from a small farming community in North Carolina, and come from a blended family. I pursued a psychology in human services degree at Appalachian State, where I also began working with infant and toddler aged children! I participated in AmeriCorps NCCC after college and have traveled on and off since. My most recent relevant work experience was as an ABA therapist for children who were differently abled in the state of Virginia. My passions include nature , music/art, service, and building community. I plan to continue to pursue childhood mental health counseling, with an emphasis on nature as medicine

Miss Soeth, Assistant Preschool Teacher

“ Hi all! My name is Soeth Quintero I have lived on Orcas Island since I was a tiny little baby. I am blessed and incredibly happy to call this island my home. I grew up with family all around me tons of cousins, one younger sister, and many aunt and uncles. I use to always say that I would become a teacher or get a job where I would be working and interacting with kids. Kaleidoscope has given me the opportunity to do so. I love being able to support kids, they certainly teach me to be a better me everyday.

I am thankful for the growth, love, and support that I have received while being at Kaleidoscope.”

Miss Kira, Preschool Teacher

Miss Julianna, Assistant Preschool Teacher