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Friday Play Days

Sign up:

  • Hours: 9-3

  • Cost $100 per day (billed on monthly invoices)

  • Cancelations must be done by the Wednesday before the day of care or you will be charged for the full amount

  • Late pick up charges will still be incurred if you are late picking up after 3:00 pm ($1 a minute after the pick-up time that needs to be paid immediately to the teacher upon arrival)

  • WCCC may cover for families that qualify

  • Not included in ECEAP service

  • Children need to arrive with full breakfast bellies

  • Pack a lunch (Currently No food restrictions)

  • We will provide small afternoon snack

  • Indoor and Outdoor play

  • No preschool nap

  • No planned curriculum

  • All services take place AT Kaleidoscope

  • Waddler/toddler groups combined

  • Office will be “closed” so be patient with the teachers who are also doing the door

  • Not offered on Teacher Work Days

  • If you have any questions please email


Preschool/Forest School
Will be held in the Preschool Classroom at Kaleidoscope


Will be held in the Toddler Classroom at Kaleidoscope


Will be held in the Infant Classroom at Kaleidoscope

Forest School

Waddler/Toddler Care


Infant Care

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